Sunday, March 25, 2007



My name is Alec Holland and I am 21 years old. I have lived in Shreveport, Louisiana since I was born on August 4th, 1985. I'm pretty much your run-of-the mill dude, except I sometimes feel like maybe I should be older in that I'm not very fond of partying or any weekend binges that people of my age usually look forward to.

I've worked a variety of jobs. Right now I am working two: (1) As a something or another at a family-owned Pool And Spa shop where I do...I'm not sure what; and (2) promoting and running a non-profit venue for house shows inside my home. Both are equally stressful. You'd think that it would be pretty damn rad to be able to have bands that you really love come to your house and play for you and your paying friends, but just this past month alone I have had 5 shows in my home, and 4 of them were days in a row. By the fifth show, i was so burned out and tired that I hardly spoke to anyone. I also lost $190.00 out of my savings account paying for guarantees for the bands playing. More than that, really, if you include the expenses for alcohol and food. Don't take this as a complaint, though. I love the bands and I sign the contracts with the intention of paying what I must, and I still feel it's worth every penny. However, you can see how it is stressful.

I play bass and other things in a band called Kenny And The Flesh. I was once the sole member of a one-man powerviolence band called Dale Cooper, which i now consider to be defunct.

That's about all that I can really say about myself for now. Now I'll just post a bunch of links to some videos!

- Alec Holland

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trudeau said...

Alec, your site is righteous: videos - your inimitable documentaries - and deadpan prose. Explanations of the house concert experience. In effect, how to do it.
Wish you the best in establishing this new node for the edgy rockers and the wedgy fans.